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General knowledge

English Literature

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English Literature Question 01 to 20 1.Question: William Halitt is a – a.Novelist b.Essayist c.Dramatist d.Poet Answer:(b) 2.Question: Which Indian English writter wrote ‘A Suitable… Read More »English Literature

English Others

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English Others Question 01 to 20 1.Question: The synonym of the word ‘poor’ is: a.Unfortunate b.Destitute c.Unlucky d.Poverty Answer:(b) 2.Question: Question: Which one is in… Read More »English Others


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Voice Question 01 to 20 1.Question: Chapal has made tea. Make it passive voice. a.Tea is being made by Chapal b.Tea was being made by… Read More »Voice


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Tense Question 01 to 20 1.Question: Which one complete the sentence properly ? The ship —– a.She doesn’t attend class regularly b.They don’t attend class… Read More »Tense


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Spelling Question 01 to 20 1.Question: Choose the correct spelling. a.Secretariate b.Secretariete c.Secretariat d.Secretariet Answer:(c) 2.Question: কোনটির ইংরেজি বানান শুদ্ধ নয় ? a.desart b.dependant… Read More »Spelling


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Sentence Question 01 to 20 1.Question: He is an honest man. ( Interrogative ) a.Does he an honest man ? b.Is he an honest man… Read More »Sentence

Pair of words

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Pair of words Question 01 to 20 1.Question: STARE : GLANCE a.gulp : sip b.confide : tell c.scorn : admire d.participate : observe Answer:(a) 2.Question:… Read More »Pair of words


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Narration Question 01 to 05 1..Question: Karim said,”I cannot do it now.” Find out indirect narration. a.Karim said that he could not do it then.… Read More »Narration


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Meaning Question 1 to 20 1.Question: She tried to be serious but she couldn’t help —– ? a.laughing laugh c.laugh d.that to laugh Answer:… Read More »Meaning

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